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Our Zund G3

A sophisticated finishing production table. This G3 Zund has been our work horse finishing table for the last few years; made in Switzerland with typical Swiss precision.

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More about this cutting edge equipment...

G3 is not only a product of celebrated Swiss workmanship but also of Zünd`s 20 years of innovative digital cutter development and 13,000 installations worldwide. This is why we know that we can trust this machine to produce quality and accuracy every time.

G3 cutters from Zünd are specifically designed for 24/7 operation. They offer a unique combination of heavy-duty construction and superb accuracy; we wouldn't settle for a machine that provided anything less.

G3 cuts materials up to 50 mm/2” thickness. The selection of sizes, modules, tools, and material-handling options is extensive yet straightforward. This makes it ideal for cutting through a whole array of different media at a variety of thickness. 

At 3200 x 3200mm it is capable of handling any cutting project, also equipped with a router, fabric cutter and many more tooling options.

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