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Our Kongsberg C64

We are lucky enough to have one of the first UK installations of the Kongsberg C64 digital cutting platforms.  With increased speed over a range of substrates, this cutter has massively increased our finishing capacity and quality. Complete with a 3KW router, cutting times on thicker materials like acrylic are significantly reduced. The true 3200mm x 3200mm table also adds further to improved work flow and productivity.  A unique, rigid, carbon-composite traverse beam assures precision cutting and supports high speed, fast acceleration and high quality creasing. This means the Kongsberg C always produces high quality results, with no variances due to traverse bending

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Equipment at the cutting edge....

Routed from 10mm Acrylic
Routed from 10mm Acrylic

It will cut out paper, card, display board, plastics, polyprop, foamex all with a knife.

It will Kiss Cut Self Adhesive PVC with extreme accuracy

It will cut Kappa, Thick Corrugated & Foam Boards up to 20mm thick with a Hi-Frequency reciprocating Knife Tool.

It will Crease using a range of crease wheels

It will Score

It will V Notch Dibond

It will rout Acrylic, MDF, Foamex with increased speed due to its 3kw Router

It will cut Re-Board, Dufalyte etc

Plus with i-cut technology it has a very accurate registration system to within 0.118". A camera optically locates registration marks pre printed on the sheet, this will compensate for any distortion in material such as shrinkage or stretching, then contour cut perfectly.

This amazing machine gives us the confidence that 100% of jobs will be finished to a consistently high standard.

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