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Our Durst Rho 1012

This is the newest addition to our growing fleet of machines, the Durst Rho 1012. The first install in the UK. This represents the most productive 12 picolitre flatbed printer in its class and sets the quality standard for high end industrial inkjet productivity. This £800,000 investment highlights our continued commitmnet to offering our customers the very best solution at all times. 

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How we use this state of the art equipment...

Durst's latest Quadro Array 12M printhead technology which features very small droplets of only 12 picoliters and an impressive resolution of 1000 dpi ensures superb visuals.

The Durst Rho 1012 is equipped with over 65,000 nozzles in the print carriage. This enables a very high printing speed of up to 450 sqm/hr without compromising the quality. The precise left and right registration enables parallel printing of multiple boards.

Due to the impressive speed that this machine can achieve whilst still maintaining excellent quality, it is ideal for printing longer run jobs, some that once took 20 hours machine time now only take 2 hours with the Durst Rho 1012! It is able to print on a wide variety of media including vinyls and corrugated board. The quality is such that it rivals offset litho.

Another benefit with the 1012 is it will print 2500mm wide by any length, it is not restricted by a bed size like much of the competition, therefore those 3000 x 2000mm panels or even 4000mm long panels are not a problem for our 1012.

Again we have included Light Cyan and Light Magenta in our spec which gives a much wider ink Gamut, giving much more accurate colour matching. 

All Rho inks are 100% solvent-free (VOC-free) to ensure we achieve fine color gradations and excellent adhesion on a wide variety of media.

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