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Our Durst Rho 800 Presto

The Durst Rho 800 Presto is a UV Flat Bed Printer with Heavy Duty Roll Option. It will print up to 2500mm wide with thickness of substrates up to 45mm. It has CMYK plus light magenta & light cyan heads helping to smooth out those skin tones.

Our 800 is unique in its class, as it is fitted with two white heads making that 8 colour channels in total.

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How we use this awesome equipment...


The dual white head option is unique, it allows us to print a white under an image on a dark substrate for instance, or overprint a white.

The 800 is fitted with UV curing lamps angled so as not to reflect back onto its heads, this enables us to print Mirror silver for instance with no harm to the heads.

As you can see from this short clip, it will even print on full size doors, jetting the ink into every crevice.

A unique feature of Durst machines is the use of UV inks with absolutely NO solvent content or VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) making this machine one of the most environmentally sound printers existing. The 800 Presto has recently been awarded the Nordic Swan for this very reason.

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