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Our Durst Rho 320R

This cutting edge UV roll to roll printer will print up to 3.2m wide. It is one of the most sophisticated printers on the market today. Manufactured by Durst Gmbh at their Brixen facility in the Tyrolean region of Italy. Once again we chose Durst because the build quality and in turn print quality offered far exceeded anything offered by the competition.

We strive to give our customers the best solutions and that means investing in the best technology available at any given time.

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Roll to roll printing just got better ...

Awarded the Nordic Swan award for its environmental credentials, this machine is one of very few that uses inks with NO Solvents & No VOC's, and therefore meets with today's environmental demands.

As a 3200mm roll to roll machine, we use this for a very large range of substrates from canvas, paper, pvc, self clings, self adhesive and much, much more.

It has a special option to register both sides of a substrate to within 0.5mm for superbly accurate double sided printing.

The Dual roll facility means we can run 2 x 1600mm rolls side by side with totally different jobs running- a great time saver! 

Durst are constantly trying to improve things, the latest software tweak is Pass Overlap - this technology means we can run jobs much faster with no banding at all on solids or dark colours.

Mesh kit for PVC Mesh and Voile Printing so we can print on virtually anything on a roll.

Having the facility to include Light Magenta and Light Cyan means we can provide an even closer colour match, especially important for fashion shots. And once again we have opted for a white ink channel. Durst are the best in the business for white digital ink - It means we can print in reverse and back up with white with no loss of speed.

A great new feature is the unattended high speed running. The machine just sends a text message to chosen numbers to inform that the job is finished meaning we save money on man time - and of course this saving gets passed to you!



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