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At Speedscreen we are regularly updating our technology. We want to keep you up to date with all of our new equipment installations and milestones that we hit plus any other exciting events that are going on here at Speedscreen.


Latest Flat Bed Investment


Another investment at Speedscreen is the latest model FUJI Acuity HS38 flatbed, currently only one of 6 installed in the UK. This flatbed printer delivers amazing photographic quality up to 2440mm x 1220mm and is able to print on a large range of substrates up to 50mm thickness.

It can print CMYK/White/CMYK in one pass, meaning double sided work is straight forward and its twin white channels enable it to print a dense white, ideal for backlit projects. The extra light cyan & light magenta channels mean that skin tones and delicate colours are perfectly reproduced.

This is simply one of the best qualty printers on the market today, it completes the Speedscreen armoury, the final jigsaw piece which allows us to offer a superior fully comprehensive service  for any size of project. 

Call for a print sample, you will not be dissapointed.

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