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At Speedscreen we are regularly updating our technology. We want to keep you up to date with all of our new equipment installations and milestones that we hit plus any other exciting events that are going on here at Speedscreen.


£200,000 investment

Speedscreen has invested £200,000 in a Kongsberg C64 cutting table to remove a finishing bottleneck arising from its installation of a Durst 1012 last year

As a direct result of the new super fast Durst Rho 1012, the company have experienced a 30% increase in turnover this year. Great news! The only trouble was the build up in the finishing of the jobs. To resolve the issue this brand new state of the art large format cutting table has been purchased. 

Once again Speedscreen are at the very start of a tech revolution, this is only the 2nd install in the UK of this machine, it's unique features are too numerous, but include a 3kw router and a carbon fibre transverse beam that holds the tooling, this ensures maximum accuracy when cutting at the high speeds that this cutter can achieve. 

We have already seen work produced in half the time and even less, so this will add massively to our productivity.

See the beast in action on our video link.

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